Football Railing, Guildford.

Football Railings
Football railing Public Art, Guildford.

Football railing was a Public Art project we were asked to design and make in 2011 by Guildford Borough Council. The brief was very specific, it had to be capable of withstanding considerable impact by cyclists using a path adjacent to a dual carriageway, it had to be curved and tall. The curvature and height was to be non concentric and variable. To ‘boot’ we had to include subtle reference in our design to Guildford’s long gone Football Ground which used to flank the site on the proposed railing

It was designed to be a very flexible railing system that offered all of the above. The design had all the elements that we thought necessary, all we had to do was to furnish it with football elements such as hot forged football like ball finials, football net like ropes hanging from the drooping top rails (like the old style football nets) and  shaping some random bars so they looked like a ball had been kicked through the bars causing a permanent reminder of the impact!

The Art is made from hot forged Mild Steel with a phosphated zinc finish.We like to use this finish on Public Art as it is neutral and maintenance free as well as incredibly tough.

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