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Welcome to Burrows Lea Forge, designers and makers of bespoke hand forged ironwork.

You may have arrived here from any number of routes; I’m glad you are here now, hopefully there’s plenty of interesting things to read and see.

I’ve tried to cater for everyone, existing customers, new clients, professionals, business colleagues and Blacksmith friends, I don’t intend to publish exclusively ironwork, there should be be all aspects of our business and hopefully will be interesting to everyone. These photos are free to everyone, but please bear in mind that some of the metal designs carry a design copyright and can only be replicated with our permission.

If you want a bit more, check out my HOME/Blog page on this site or travel over to the inevitable sc Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Burrows Lea Forge sign by firelight.
Burrows Lea Forge sign by firelight.

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